We are currently seeking a new pastor but in the meantime we are being led by Interim Pastor Jerry Caylor and his wife Liz. I earnestly seek your prayers for wisdom and Holy Spirit guidance as we start this process. An Interim period can be a very healthy and fulfilling time in the life of a church and also in the growth of a church. Just a quick note about Liz and I. She was born and raised in Alabama in a Godly family In Brewton, Alabama I was born close to San Antonio, Tx (sorry) to also a Godly family. My dad retired from a major oil company so we moved around frequently. One of those moves led the family to Brewton. After high school and some college, I finally lined up with my life’s ambition and that was to be a pilot. I resisted the call to the ministry for quite some time and after retiring as a pilot I answered His call into the pulpit ministry. Interim pastoral ministry was the call we accepted and have never been sorrow. Our one goal is to help a church in transition until a pastor is called. We covet your prayers.